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ST 1.5

Bluffton Elementary students express their learning through a variety of STEM activities and projects that allow them to connect to the real world.  The students relate their school of choice activities to daily lives.  In animation, discussions and connections of making storyboards show beginning, middle and end of their stories, but also lead to connections to how many frames it takes to make “Princess and the Frog.”

Students demonstrate their learning through performance-based assessments and express their conclusions through elaborated explanations of their thinking.

For coding, the students realize they control the computers based on how they input their codes.  Students discuss their thinking as the teacher facilitates the learning.

Girls explaining thought process of programming robots.


K/1 Challenge Island

Students, in groups of 5-6, created/designed their own rainforest animals using recyclable materials, while learning lessons on the rain forest canopy.  Activity reinforced the following skills: Social-Emotional, Cooperative, Fine-Motor, Design, Predicting, Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Scientific Method.

Marshmallow Challenge

​Students were given a challenge to see who could shoot a marshmallow the highest using only rubber bands and coffee cups.  The students had to determine the size and pull of the rubber bands, the angle of the cups and to squish or not squish the marshmallow.