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ST 1.4

Bluffton Elementary is a school of choice for technology.  Each classroom is outfitted with appropriate technology and every student has either an iPad or Dell tablet, depending on grade level.  These devices are utilized daily for tasks such as but not limited to completing assignments and projects, conducting research, creating games, programming robots, creating animations, and working collaboratively with their peers and teachers.  In addition, students have access to laptops in the gaming lab where they can create a game as a group and then have others critique and create a review.  

Critical thinking, communicate, and work collaboratively.During non-school hours, our students still have the ability to interact with and utilize technology.  Our students in grades 3-5 take home their devices daily.  Students in grades K-5 in our after school program have access to computers for research, gaming, programming, etc.  Our faculty and staff does a great job with engaging both students and parents through the BLES social media outlets.  In addition, many of our teachers utilize Edmodo or Google Classroom.

For grades 2 -5, students have three related arts that are tied to our school choice.  Students rotate through Introduction to Game Design, Elementary Engineering, and Art through Animation.  These classes are classic for creative and critical thinking.  The students also have a Science Lab for research, scientific experiments and collaborative work.
Many teachers utilize Google Drive or Edmodo for students to submit work or collaborate on projects.

For Open House, students turned their parents into robots.  The students created a unique code for their parents to follow.  The parents had to use the code to maneuver through obstacles to put their child on a path to success.

Soccer Competition

Students in robotics class wanted to create sports matches using their lego pieces.  The students were to design a game that included not only players but cheerleaders and fans. The players had to be programmed to work kick a ball or block a ball.  The cheerleaders and fans were to be programmed to jump and wave.  

Students begin full animation of curriculum in grade two and continue through grade five.  The students progressively gain new animation skills as they move through the grades. The animation above was created by a fifth grade student.  The animation below is from a beginning student in second grade.

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