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ST 1.1

ST1.1: The STEM school/program supports non-traditional student participation through outreach to groups often underrepresented in STEM program areas.

Bluffton Elementary School is a school of choice for Animation, Creation and Design.  We serve the students within our attendance zone as well as students opting into our choice program.  Our student population is as follows:



All students at BLES are immersed in the school choice program.  For example, we are fortunate to house four self-contained special education classrooms at BLES. The self-contained classrooms host students with learning disabilities and other health impairments including autism. Like all students in our school, these students have 1 to 1 devices and attend our related arts classes (as determined by the IEP).  In addition, we have also created a transition classroom for kindergarten/first grade with a teacher dually certified in early childhood and special education. The transition classroom is setup as true inclusion for students with special education resource needs or health needs that would benefit more from push-in services.  













Summer Robotics

In the fields of coding, gaming, and animation, minorities and females are underrepresented.  Bluffton Elementary sets STEM learning as the norm for all students rather than an option for any one subgroup. In this way, all students are exposed to a wide variety of technology and STEM careers with the hope that they find an interest to pursue in the future.