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ST 1.11

ST1.11: Students are supported in their STEM learning through adult-world connections and extended day opportunities.

At Bluffton Elementary, students make adult-world connections through coding, elementary engineering, gaming, science, and animation.  Students and teachers discuss the real world applications for each of those areas.  Students address the ideas that computers control much of the world around us.  Their diversity of technology approaches and devices allow students to become familiar with any technology they may encounter.  Devices include Dell tablets, laptops, iPad 2, iPad Air, desktops, broadcasting systems, numerous coding apps and programs, and more.

This year, with the school time change, an afterschool program has been added for students.  Throughout the year, the students will have enrichment activities to extend beyond the normal technology from the school day.  Students will create aquabots, explore web design, create apps and design robots to name a few.

Students at the ECC explain what they can do with coding and why they want to learn how to how to program computers.

Students in fifth grade attend Camp Hannon each year for a three day, two night adventure.  Camp Hannon is a hands-on, experiential math and science program designed for grades 3-8 and is held at Camp Hannon in Pinnacle Falls.  Students learn how to explore a new plot of land to see if it is acceptable for human life. They collect data in the areas of reading the forest, uphill investigation, aquatic ecology, and stream mapping while learning about the environment.  All this, along with team building and ziplining make for a fun, educational experience.  

Students were invited to participate in a week long summer robotics camp.  During the week the students designed a robot including the motor.  The students then worked to code the robot to run a variety of obstacle courses.