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ST 1.8

Bluffton Elementary has a progressive program approach for students starting in Prekindergarten.

STEM learning outcomes demonstrate students’ STEM literacy necessary for the next level of STEM learning and for post-secondary and workforce readiness.

Early Childhood Center (pre-K through grade 1)

Students learn the basic foundations of vocabulary and robotics in the early grades.  The related arts classes include technology lab and gaming/coding.  The students learn how computers work and Microsoft Office applications.  In gaming and coding classes, teachers stress vocabulary and the relationship between coding and algorithms. Teachers use Dash and Dot, Ozobots and WeDo robots in the classrooms to engage students in all content areas. 
Main Building (Grades 2 through 5):
Students build upon the skills gained in the Early Childhood Center by expanding to game development, stronger algorithms, Lego Mindstorm robot, and usage of and Code for Life lessons.  Students also begin animation classes in combination with Art.  Discussions continue and elaborate in the upper grades as to how these skills connect to the real world.  Soft skills of collaboration, teamwork, critical thinking, perseverance, and innovation begin to grow.

Bluffton Elementary students have shown strong gains in their normed MAP data with the usage of STEM.  Our mean scores are higher than the NWEA national norm.


Ms. Thomas and teachers discussing gaming vocabulary and culture