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ST 1.7

Bluffton Elementary school teachers are continuously seeking new ways to provide STEM lessons to our students.  Teachers have been involved with training through, Discovery Education, Summer Institute, technology conferences, and Summer curriculum days. These experiences are not limited to our technology instructors, but are provided to all faculty.

STEM educators collaborate as an interdisciplinary team to plan, implement, and improve integrated STEM learning and Discovery Education have completed full day on-site trainings for teachers on ways to implement STEM lessons that are engaging and meaningful to students.  The teachers were given lesson plan materials, time to collaborate on lessons, and were provided modeling of lessons.

Each summer, the district hosts teacher professional development during Summer Institute. Teachers from Bluffton Elementary participated in STEM training as well as hosted their sessions for coding and gaming.

The administration encourages teachers to attend conferences that relate to our school choice.  Teachers have attended and presented STEM sessions at SC EdTech, ISTE, SC Innovative Institute, and FETC.

Based on skills gained in the professional development, teachers in all grades met over the summer to align their content standards to STEM expectations and our school choice.  While this day was a volunteer day outside of their contracted hours, many elected to participate.  The teachers focused on creating technology plans for each grade level.

Teachers participated in a variety of STEM related training sessions during our district Summer Institute training week.  The week offers a variety of professional development activities for teachers including the one below.