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Second Grade

Wow! We have come so far and learned so much already this year! Here is what we will focus on until the end of the year! 

In Reading, we will be using informational and fictional animal texts to identify key ideas and details, identify the author’s purpose, use pictures to help us better understand the text, ask and answer questions while reading, and use text features to help us find information.

In Writing, we will be writing different opinion pieces. We will try to persuade our readers by providing reasons to support our opinion.

In Math, we will finish up our Measurement Unit. We will begin collecting information and learn how to put the information onto a line plot. Then, we will explore the different shapes and how to partition them into equal parts. Lastly, we will use repeated addition to create arrays. 

In Science, we will learn the different animal classifications and classify animals. We will also be taking a trip to Coastal Discovery Museum as an extension of our Animal Unit!