School Choice

Bluffton Elementary is a School of Choice for Computer Science. Computer Science places an emphasis on curriculum that encourages hands-on engagement, the use of technology for research, collaboration, and project presentation while encouraging and supporting creative expression and problem solving. Students will learn coding through WeDO robotics, LEGO robotics, app creation and web page design. The program includes a gaming component, which will allow students to create, design and utilize games to explore content. We are committed to giving our students the thinking skills that will help them become proactive learners and citizens, as opposed to just consumers, in this digital world.



Bluffton Elementary has an additional choice program starting in 2021. We are adding an Accelerated Academy for students in grades K-5 that meet the qualifications. For grades K-2, this was our Advanced Academic classes. The Accelerated Academy will provide a more in-depth curriculum with a faster pace for students. Students must have a qualifying score on the Iowa Acceleration Scale to be placed in the program.